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Water Sprinkler

Irrigation Maintenance Plan

-Start Up-Check Up-Shut Off-

What's Included?

Start Up

In the Spring, once the ground temperature is warm enough to start up your system, We will come out to turn on the system and make sure all zones are running and all heads are properly functioning. 

Check Up

During the Summer, We will come out to run a cycle and make sure the yard is getting watered properly. We will adjust heads and diagnose any issues or recommended watering schedule adjustments.

Shut Off

Once the growing season slows down we will perform our winteriztion services.

All zones will be blown free of water using compressed air to prevent any freezing over the Winter. Your system will also be shut off to prevent any accidental damage to components.

*As low as $37.50/Month*
*Parts and labor used during repairs not included*

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