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with & without after 1 season

Photo taken Nov. 2017

With & Without

Some neighborhoods in Lincoln have very poor soil and by just the products at the right time, the results are dramatic!

Dandelions belong in a pollinator garden, not the cracks of your sidewalk!

1 week later...

This is a lawn disease, not drought. Watch out for this in your lawn!

Newly sodded area where weeds are growing between the sod rows

Side-by-side Comparison

This photo was taken in spring and had only been treated once, the previous fall. It's true, what you do in the fall will show up in the spring!

Only 1 year later...

There was almost no grass in this lawn, but it was salvaged!

Customer on the left.
with and without.
first season customer on the left.

After just a couple applications, the grass thickened up and kept the weeds out! A thick lawn is a natural weed control!

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