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Q: When can we walk on the lawn after spraying? When is it safe for pets?

A: As soon as the spray is dry (typically 1-3 hours) people and pets are welcome to re-enter the area!

Q: Should we mow before and/or after the spray application?

A: We recommend waiting at least two days to mow, after most applications. In addition, the next time you mow, don't bag the grass, but instead allow the clippings to break down naturally (so as to not remove any of the fertilizer or pre-emergent application). It is NOT necssary to mow immediately prior to spraying.

Q: When should I water my lawn?

A: Some post-emergent herbicide labels state, "Do not water for a minimum of 48 hours after spray application." While this is a good rule of thumb, many of the new generation herbicides that we use actually take effect within a matter of hours! Ideally you'll want to wait a couple days before watering, but don't fret if rain comes your way. Pre-emergent herbicides, on the other hand (which prevent weeds from germinating in your lawn) actually NEED to be watered in within about a week of being applied, for best results (ideally about 1/2 of rain or irrigation will suffice).

Q: How many times a year does my lawn need sprayed?

A: The majority of our clients yards achieve great color and weed-control with only four applications.

Q: Can I spread grass seed after a spray application?

A: Fall is generally the best time of the year to spread grass seed. Typically, in the spring and summer pre-emergent herbicides are included in our spray applications to prevent the germination of weed seeds in your lawn; however, this can also prevent the germination of grass seed too. Please let us know if you have already seeded, so we can take the necessary measures required and utilize the proper spray formulation for you specific lawn needs.

Q: Should I aerate my lawn?

A: Heavy clay soils especially benefit from core-aeration and typically fall is regarded as the best time of the year to do this. Heavily compacted, high magnesium and/or clay soils tend to benefit greatly from an annual aeration treatment. Let us know if you'd like a referral for aeration services!

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