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Suburban House

Home Services

Fertilizer Program

We offer a unique Four Application Program that is rooted in high quality

slow-release products that work better and last longer.

As Low as $27/month*

Window Cleaning

Two Visit Maintenance Plan with visits in the Spring and Fall.

Choose between Exterior Only or Interior/Exterior Cleaning.

As Low as $21/Month* 

Irrigation Maintenance

A Three Visit Maintenance Plan that includes Spring Start Up, Mid Season Check Up and Winterization in the Fall.

Plan comes with 10% off repairs.

As Low as $31/Month

Exterior House Cleaning

Various Soft-Washing and Pressure Washing services. Roofs, Siding, Driveways, Patios, Fences, Decks


*Onsite Estimate Required* 


When the Summer heat starts to die down and leaves begin to change colors that is the best time to aerate and overseed. This will help reduce compaction in the soil and repair any thin areas with proper watering.

Add On For as Little as $6/Month*

Holiday and Patio Lighting

Visit our Holiday Lighting Page for more information.

As Low as $31/Month*

*"As Low as" price reflects maximum discounts applied for multiple services.

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