3 Step Program

We believe using the highest quality products always deliver the best results! Simply put, we strive to use the best available systems and products on the market, in order to achieve the best possible results for our customers. As a result, we're able to reach beyond the status quo delivered by most lawn treatment companies. We don't mow, trim or landscape, but we have one focus: our goal is to partner with you, and keep your lawn green and weed-free with the fewest possible applications per season. That saves you money and is better for our environment too!

All 3 applications, usually run about the same dollar amount, so there are no surprises! Each specific application varies slightly based on the time of year and the type of weeds, so here is an overview of our 3 typical applications.

1) April: Spring is the time when your lawn is just starting to wakeup from winter. In a sense, your lawn is hungry so we start with a premium liquid applied fertilizer (usually a 21-0-6 4S) rich in turf useable nitrogen and we blend that with a special micro-nutrient mix for turf grass. This includes: iron (for a deep green color, but without a surge of over-growth), calcium (for disease resistance), manganese (green color, root development & health), zinc (overall grass health) and copper (a natural fungicide). We don't stop there though; at the same time we apply two different types of proprietary soil amendments to develop root growth and stimulate new, sustained spring growth. While encouraging all this grass to grow, we are also stopping weeds from invading by applying a quality liquid, crabgrass pre-emergent herbicide (so many weeds don't even show up). For any weeds already established in your lawn, we can also co-apply a post-emergent herbicide.

2) June: This is the time of year it REALLY starts to feel like summer! Generally grass starts to naturally slow its growth as temperatures rise and this is the optimal time of year to preventatively treat for grubs in your lawn. If we don't address grubs at this point (when they're closest to the soil surface) your lawn is in jeopardy of being dug up by moles, opossums and skunks (all of which love eating grubs!) Grubs will quietly eat away at your lawn's root system until one day you'll notice dead grass patches. Other than treating for grubs, at the very same time, we apply slow-release nitrogen fertilizer, the micro-nutrient blend mentioned previously, a reapplication of pre-emergent and depending on the year, low rate of fungicide as a preventative for common lawn diseases (if lawn disease has been an issue in your lawn previously, please let us know so we can help preventatively). A post-emergent herbicide, if weeds are already in the lawn, may also be utilized.

3) August-September: As fall approaches and temperatures cool off, your grass will actually grow more! This is the best time of the year to reseed your lawn or any patchy areas. We will increase the nitrogen fertilizer, typically with the addition of phosphorus depending on the lawn (to help establish new grass seed), apply our micro-nutrient blend and post emergent herbicide to knock out any perennial weeds from showing up again in the spring.